The top 5 returning fashion trends to beat the heat

Words by: KC Dauigoy

Incorporate neon colors in your polish

Summer in the Philippines is in full swing. It surely must be a hassle when you want to go out but still want to feel easy breezy even under the sun. Here are the top 5 trends you can definitely wear against the summer heat wherever you want to go this season.

Flower Power

Summer is no doubt the best season to bloom. Wearing this type of print whether it’s a dress or a shirt, will make you look fresh and vibrant under the scorching sun. Floral prints will give you a whimsical vintage look especially when you pair it with your trusted chunky heels!

Neon Colors

It is true that it’s better to wear bright colors during this time of the year because such colored clothing will absorb less heat. Shine brighter than the sun with neon color shirts paired with your cute shorts or mini skirt. Aside from your outfit, you can also incorporate neon colors with your make up or nail polish if you are a bit hesitant to go loud with your ensemble.


Forget about Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s denim over-all back in 2001 when they attended the American Music Awards. Denim is totally back this season. You can either wear your old denim vest over a floral dress or your denim shorts with a sleek boyfriend’s polo and your trusted ankle boots! Denim is totally the “in thing” for your summer street wear.

Aztec Prints

Hipster it may seem but the graphic impact of Aztec prints are definitely hotter than the sun. Tribal yet funky with colors and playful with geometry, the Aztec print gives awesome silhouettes when incorporated on hanging blouses, bathing suits even on your accessories!


It’s an item from the 80s that’s always gonna be in during summer. Jumpsuits have evolved through time and gave us a total come back this season. What’s good about jumpsuits is that you can wear it at work with a monochromatic blazer or a chiffon scarf and gold accessories. But during summer, jumpsuits are best worn with your pumps or ballerina flats and reflective sunnies.

These top 5 summer trends are very easy to incorporate since the season requires less cloth to give your body less heat under the sun. Remember that you can also mix and match these 5 trends for you to make a hotter summer ensemble.

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