Vintage exposition in a different disposition

Words by: Kristine Clariz B. Dauigoy

Cubao Expo is still one of the best tambayan spots

Cubao Ex, formerly known as Marikina Shoe Expo, is located in General Romulo Avenue. Walking from the MRT 3 Araneta Center – Cubao station, it’s approximately just a 15 minute walk from the rustle and bustle of EDSA.

The place is known for vintage thrift shops that sell vinyl records and players, books, magazines and almost anything that has aged from the 1950’s to early 1990’s. Aside from that, occasional music festivities and jamming sessions are held in the place. Some of the renowned artists who already played in Cubao Ex are Sandwich, Chicosci, Imago and Dong Abay.

Through the years, Cubao Ex has managed to incorporate trendy shops that still jive in the vintage atmosphere of its environment. Check out these must see stores and restaurants that will make you come back for more.

If you want to destress through shopping, here are the highly recommended places for you in Cubao Ex:

• UVLA Store: UVLA stands for Unique Vintage, Lost Art. The store has a very warm ambiance that will definitely entice customers to go inside and get lost with the amazing vintage finds they have. As per the store owner, their family is really into travelling and most of the pieces are from their personal excursions locally and overseas. Prices of the items depend on their antiquity and usage.

• Heima: Searching for the best pieces for your room or your house? Add that girly vibe with stylish yet usable items from Heima. The shop isn’t just about Western design, Heima offers customized pieces that are 100% made locally. Quick fact about the store, Heima stands for home in Iceland.

• THE Clothing: This is definitely one great shop for the boys who are into skating and biking. THE Clothing provides minimalistic yet trendy finds for you to suit up while skating or biking.

If in case you get hungry after walking around finding the best bargains in Cubao Ex, you don’t need to worry, the hub gives you all the more reason to stay longer with restaurants and shops that will satisfy your cravings.

• Bellinis – If you are a fan of John Lloyd’s epic movie “One More Chance” then you’ll instantly recognize this restaurant as it has been featured in the movie. Bellinis is by far the classiest restaurant in Cubao Expo. From its Italian roots, they serve the finest Red and White wine at P170. Better yet try their homemade (table) sweet wine which is only for P80! Food in Bellinis might be a bit pricey but it will definitely satisfy your pasta cravings. Check out their menu.

• Sweet Ecstasy – Who says that cookies and milk are only for kids? Release the kid in you with the freshest cookies and milkshakes in Sweet Ecstasy! Aside from the pleasure for your sweet tooth, Sweet Ecstasy has been exhibiting artworks from different FA students and artists in town. If you happen to drop by, I suggest you try Cerveza Milkshake (P140) with Malteser’s cookie (P40). No need to worry, if you’re in a tight budget, P300 will be more than enough for your sweet cravings here!

• Penpen’s Filipino Kitchen – Penpen’s Filipino Kitchen is a dining haven for those who like local cuisines with a twist. Penpen’s dashes diners with its “international-meets-local” cooking featuring dishes that will surprise your palate. If you want to unwind with some alcohol after your meal, you might wanna try their humorously named drinks which are P99 per liter!

Cubao Ex managed to rise to the occasion that it’s a place where art, music and food are very crucial parts of this generation. And if you want to spill your creative juices, this place is highly recommended. Good food, good music, good finds? Cubao Ex will definitely give you good vibes!

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