Healthy and Busog without the Hassle

Words by: Nadz Ruiz

Tortilla wraps can be low calorie snacks

But for busy bees like you and me, we often skip breakfast because we have to rush to work or school. Ever felt having hunger pangs during mid-morning and binging during lunch or munching heavily on snacks all day long? These compensating activities are what experts say make you put on weight and mess up your metabolism patterns.

Then again, there’s the problem of having to prepare a big breakfast during work days. You have to wake up early and force yourself out of your precious sleep.

Well, there are foods you can prepare that take a small amount of time but packs a big punch enough to make you busog and give you energy until your next meal. Here are some suggestions:


Bread up and down, bacon or ham, egg, and cheese in between. Throw in some tomatoes and lettuce, and you’ve basically gone through the food pyramid. Done in 10 minutes. Pair it with an 8-ounce cup of coffee with skim milk, and you get 420 calories. Studies suggest that a person needs 600 calories for breakfast. For someone who doesn’t have the time to sit down and have a big breakfast, a sandwich is a close enough option for an energizing meal in the morning. (Ref:


Keep a stock of tortilla wraps at home. Roll bacon or ham and cheese into the tortilla. Mix or pour a glass of fruit juice while you let the tortilla heat in the microwave. Now you have 460 calories to spend for the next few hours. (Ref:


Cereals are for kids only? Nuh uh. If you’re looking to get some “adult” cereals, look for those products that offer “100% whole grain” and 3g-6g of fiber. Around 1/4 to 1/2 cup of cereal plus a cup of skim milk should give you enough energy until your next meal. The fiber content of these cereals will also help clean your digestive system. (Ref:


Taking its cue from cereals, you can also take 5 to 10 minutes of your morning to cook a bowl of oatmeal. Aside from getting a nice full tummy, a 1 1/2 cup of cooked oatmeal can lower your cholesterol levels. For added flavor and fiber, add fruits like bananas, raisins, or apples. (Ref:


Pinoys are Pinoys, and absolutely nothing can keep us away from rice. Taking a page out of my mother’s book, leave around a cup of rice from last night’s dinner and fix a quick serving of sinangag the following morning. Add a sunny-side up or scrambled egg and a piece of bacon, ham, or hotdog for protein and you’re good to go.

The general rule to having a heavy breakfast is to have food rich in carbohydrates and protein. There is a reason why they are called “go” and “grow” foods. The suggestions above are guaranteed to give you a non-hassle morning meal that will leave you with a big smile and a much needed busog feeling. Then again, there’s no excuse to stay healthy.

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